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Drone Surveying and Mapping

Perform fast, cost-effective topographic surveys with unlimited ground control points.





Gathering and examining information to create significant experiences for educated basic leadership, hazard the board and arranging, all improving your main concern.

Studying and mapping mechanical conditions is tedious, troublesome and regularly risky. The totally programmed Airobotics stage is an expert instrument that enables surveyors and mappers to gather boundless elevated information and exact estimations, while sparing time, cash and labor. Disposing of the coordinations of automaton tasks, Airobotics gives booked and on-request ethereal information accumulation, and premium preparing and investigation capacities to help basic procedures, for example, reserve volume estimations, landscape mapping, site arranging and the sky is the limit from there. Without trading off the requesting prerequisites of the calling, this accuracy driven arrangement streamlines the looking over procedure with pre-characterized mapping missions. The automaton is naturally sent and landed, and the framework investigates the ethereal information, making exceedingly exact, top tier orthophotos and computerized height models to help with reviewing reports. Notwithstanding studying and mapping, another arrangement Airobotics gives is drones to security and reconnaissance, which might be of extraordinary help to an assortment of mechanical activities.

Quicker topographic studies

Site Scan is the ideal answer for studying and mapping rambles. You can perform topographic studies in minutes utilizing our independent flight modes with any bolstered automaton, and after that make high-goals orthomosaics and 3D models with our multi-motor handling in Pix4D and Autodesk ReCap.

Ground controlled exactness

Ground control focuses are fundamental for exact automaton mapping. With Site Scan, you can info ground control focuses to furnish your customers with precisely geolocated point mists and orthophotos, guaranteeing your customer expectations measure up to your exclusive requirements. In the event that you need assistance, your assigned achievement architects will walk you through appropriately setting up ground control focuses and targets.


Slipping while at the same time climbing stores is a main source of damage nearby. With automatons, you don’t need to pick among security and precise volume information: catch your reserves, totals, or other distant landscape from above with mechanized automaton flights, and keep your field experts protected and profitable on the ground.


1.Industrial Grade Aerial Survey Drone

Industrial Grade Aerial Survey Drone

Motivated by study experts around the globe, the DATAhawk automaton is a rough, capable mapping ramble perfect for rehash tasks. The DATAhawk automaton bundle gives consistent results regardless of what the landscape or condition resembles.

Single administrator, hand dispatch. Accomplish simple obtaining of exact geodata to a spatial precision of 3.2 cm over zones up to 350ha.

A gimballed camera,  parachute and alternatives for tasks in high elevations make the DATAhawk a perfect study ramble

2.Advanced Aerial Survey Drone and Data Analysis

ADVANCED Aerial Survey Drone

Fly further, convey more sensors, accomplish bigger studies under the toughest conditions.

The tough SURVEYOR PRO is a 5kg, 2m wingspan fixed wing overview ramble well suited for ordinary fliers working in a business group.

The SURVEYOR PRO package is went for surveyors who need precise, steady and solid information, alongside the hardware, programming and training necessary to perform a high-quality study occupation on numerous occasions with their review ramble.

3.Post Processing Kinematics Drone and Data Analysis

Post Processing Kinematics Drone and Data Analysis

The QuestUAV Post-Processing Kinematic (PPK) ramble joins high-goals elevated photography with high-exactness topographic information.

A double band GPS/GLONASS beneficiary on board the PPK automaton permits cm-level position referencing of orthomosaics and 3D models without the need on physical Ground Control Point.

♠.Terrestrial photogrammetry mission

Terrestrial photogrammetry mission

Earthbound study is a method that gives precise and significant subtleties. This is the perfect answer for missions, for example, veneer reviews, modern investigation, inside studies, volume or cubature computation, structural designing overviews, and so on.

This system takes into account exactness estimations in a limited region. It very well may be utilized for 3D demonstrating of articles, dividers, passageways, roofs, curves, and so forth. It can likewise be utilized to supplement an earthly or ethereal mission


Inside looking over comprises of giving an enormous number of estimations so as to deliver a geometric portrayal of a structure anytime. There are numerous applications: mechanical structures, open structures (sports corridors, show lobby), memorable structures (exhibition halls, strongholds, places of worship), archeological destinations, and so forth. SURVEY DRONES

Demonstrating structures empowers the creation of plans, models and warm adjusts which help in checking and archiving the advancement of a structure. This is a key issue for better administration of structures. Great learning of the structure takes into account usage of departure or emergency courses of action.

Outside automaton overviews include estimating all components perceptible from outside. There is a wide scope of review methods: earthbound photogrammetry, ethereal photogrammetry, laser filtering, LiDAR, tacheometry, GNSS wanderer, and so forth. Study vehicles are likewise exceptionally differing (see sorts of looking over): portable mapping, rambles, VTOL planes, rucksack, and so on.


Drones in the mining industry:

Drones in the mining industry:


An open pit mine or quarry is a spot from which building materials, for example, shake, sand or diverse metallic or carboniferious minerals are removed. This includes a total mechanical office: a position of extraction and machines for preparing the removed shake (pit run materials), storerooms, workshops in which squares of shake are cut and formed. It is especially perilous and tedious for the administrator to complete overviews of stocks or the pit or mine face: danger of land or shake slide, mess. Overview by automaton is effective and permits a progressively thorough outcome.

Drones in smart cities:


Urban arranging is both a disciplinary and an expert field which covers the investigation of urban marvels, urbanization and association of urban communities and their domains. It requires genuine mastery, molding our ordinary surroundings with exercises, for example, land use arranging, production of charming open spots, execution of bicycle paths, and so on. Urban organizers need to know the present condition of the city so as to all the more likely undertaking themselves into the urban condition of things to come, acknowledge city arranging ventures and better orchestrate usage.|


Since times of old, the idea of land proprietorship has been a need. The most established discovered record of this idea is on a dirt tablet dating 2300 BC found in the area of Dhi Qar in Iraq. It includes a dimensional illustration showing surfaces and portraying a gathering of land plots. Of religious beginning, likewise with the Etruscans, or for the Romans, utilized as an apparatus to force charges, or for the taille, an immediate land charge in the French Middle Ages, the cadastral arrangement has been and remains an organizing instrument for our developments. Today, land possession is tangibly spoken to via milestones. In times long past, it was the general public of agrimensores (land surveyors) which performed cadastral plans and division. In France, under the old system (sixteenth century), regal surveyor workplaces and the title of “sworn” surveyor were made. These days, illustrious surveyors have moved toward becoming “authorized” or “contracted” land surveyors and the law of May 7, 1946 formally presented them the expert and restraining infrastructure of bundle division and boundary



Horticultural land is regularly an enormous territory that is furrowed, fallowed or developed. Agrarian fields are spaces where yields are developed. As these are commonly such enormous regions, earthly reviewing strategies can be somewhat tedious. Because of their self-rule and speed, rambles permit ranchers and surveyors, to spare time when studying. Various types of sensors might be utilized for this application. Computerized cameras procedure pictures in the unmistakable range. Multi-ghostly or hyperspectral sensors are helpful for picture examination at explicit frequencies. Warm sensors are utilized for distinguishing water worry for example. FoxyPro is equipped for conveying various sorts of sensors all the while, perusing and investigating the farming field in various recurrence groups which means just a solitary mission is fundamental

Normal hazard zones:

Cataclysmic events (floods, seismic tremors, avalanches) consistently cause impressive harm to foundation and structures. In any case, for calamity help and intercessions or fixes, it is critical to decide the availability.








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